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13 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Anne Howland says:

    Amy created a henna design for me when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was really happy with the way she worked with me to create a design I wanted. She was very intuitive in her improvisation of the design based on what I told her.

    We had a gathering of three of us who were pregnant at the same time and we were able to enjoy each others company, to bond and share stories.It made me feel special to have my belly painted It was really a celebration of my body and the new life inside. (The midwives I was working with really liked it too.)

  2. Kyle says:

    Amy did a great job, was very professional, and I loved the work done. She definately puts the artist’s personal touch to her henna, and you can’t help but be very happy with the result! It was an incredibly special experience.

  3. Anna Felkers says:

    Amy brings a love of art and culture, attention to detail, and a woman’s intuition to her mehndi. Her commitment to the artistic and the technical as well as to the spiritual and personal elements of henna is exceptional. She is continually expanding and evolving in her journey, and I’m honored to be a part of that!

  4. Heather Hernandez says:

    Amy did henna on my belly when I was about 6 months pregnant – she gave the moms at the party a really nice afternoon full of warm Indian ambiance and even made us a yummy cake. I gave her a design to work from and she did a great job copying what I brought with me, adding her own flair. Having the henna flowers on my belly helped me feel especially beautiful during my pregnancy, something I appreciated very much. Keep up the good work, Amy!

  5. Diane Martonis says:

    Amy helped me celebrate my pregnancy by creating a wonderful henna design on my 7 month belly! She was so kind and nurturing, I felt very comfortable during the process and her design was so creative. It really made me feel special and blessed as a mother at a time when I felt tired and BIG. 🙂 It made me feel beautiful!
    I recently had Amy decorate my upper arm, wrist and hand. It turned out beautifully, its like delicate jewelry that doesn’t get in the way! I get comments on it everywhere I go. She really does wonderful work.
    Thanks AMY!!

  6. Ann says:

    For my first ever henna experience Amy did a lovely delicate anklet design that I really liked. Her approach is so friendly and professional that you are sure to have a good experience and be ready to do it again!

  7. Jill says:

    Amy & I had planned to do some belly art for my 2nd pregnancy. At 32 weeks, I went into pre term labor and ended up in the hospital on complete bed rest. Amy was a true angel. She came to the hospital and hand crafted the most beautiful and thoughtful design: a circle of flower buds that, for me, represented life not yet complete.

    Amy is an intuitive artist that creates from the heart. I felt truly cared for and honored. She not only left me with a wonderful piece of artwork, but also with happy spirit at a time when I needed it most.

  8. Kate Holm says:

    Amy is great! We hired her to do a design for my sister-in-law’s Mother Blessing. She traveled far (an hour away–on dirt roads even), and did a wonderful, thoughtful, lovely intricate design on my sis-in-law’s pregnant belly. Her demeanor is contagiously down-to-earth, upbeat and optimistic. She is a very talented artist and designer and has an amazing personality! We could not have been happier with the whole experience!

  9. Heather Feinberg says:

    Amy came to a carnival for kids of all ages and worked for three hours straight doing henna of all different designs. She was wonderful and patient with them and really added a great energy to our event! We hope to have her back next year. She was professional and kind. Thank you!!

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Amy shared her awesome talents with henna at my Mother’s Blessing. She created a design for my pregnant belly that I loved. She was an easy, comfortable, unique addition to the celebration. Some others were able to try henna on themselves, a fun adventure. I am grateful for the generous spirit and beautiful art she brought to the day. I would highly recommend Amy.

  11. Michelle says:

    I think every pregnant woman should have a mother blessing and that mehndi is the perfect way to bring in the powerful energy we need to call on during that precious time. Amy was a wonderful addition to my day! I received henna on the palms of my hands and belly. They made me feel beautiful, unique and divine just weeks before the birth of my wonderful son, Simon. Thank you Amy~ your work and presence on that special day were priceless!

  12. Gloria Lightner says:

    Amy was fantastic! The party recipients, specifically the young ladies were very excited about the henna painting. They were very pleased with the artistry. Next time, I will make sure you stay a little longer. They were so excited! Thank you for participating. I will definitely utilize your services for future events! Thanks again!

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