Mehndi Prices

Tips are always appreciated, never required

General Pricing

  • henna 29A $50 deposit is required to hold a date.  I will issue a refund if the cancellation is made 48 hours in advance.  This deposit goes towards your total cost.
  • $150 per hour, minimum of one hour bookings.  The total length of time varies depending on design, size, and how many guests at your event.  
  • Bellies usually take 1.5-2.5 hours ($225-375)
  • Generally speaking, I can get through anywhere from 3-5 people an hour, depending on design and how the crowd flows.  Please note:  I do not charge per hand, my fee is a fixed hourly fee.  Thank you!
  • I can do designs from my home, and charge $2.00 per minute.  This is more economical for smaller designs.  
  • Travel fee: If you prefer me to come to you, anywhere within 30 minutes of my house at 104th and I25 is free.  Anything beyond that, a fee of $10 per half hour driving time applies.

Party Pricing

If booking a party there are two ways to pay:

1. Pay $150 per hour as described above

2. Have your guests pay by design at $2 per minute (minimum of $10), that way the cost depends on how large and intricate their design is.


If you are local (Denver, CO) and want to buy henna cones from me they are $10/cone.  Each cone lasts me about an hour of henna time.  Email me to set up a time to pick up!

I accept cash, check, credit (+3% to cover fees), and PayPal

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