I now offer Gilding!

This process is where I take high quality body glue (used in Hollywood to attach prosthetics) and apply it to the skin in designs. Once the glue is clear and tacky, I brush glitter on top to create a sparkling effect. You may hire me to do gilding only, or I can do a follow-up appointment the day after your henna appointment (after your henna paste has come off). That way the gilding won’t rub off when you’re taking your henna paste off. The glue is water resistant and can last up to five days with the proper care.


I will bill gilding the same as henna, however if you choose to have both henna and gilding appointments I will have a $30 minimum instead of a $50 minimum to compensate.

Here are some other examples of gilding that I’ve done. As of right now I have glitter and mica, which is black and looks just like a tattoo! Soon I will have lumiere powder, which is smoother than the glitter with a slight sheen.

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