BOLD – Birth on Labor Day


I will be attending the two BOLD Red Tent Events events, Saturday and Sunday September 1 and 2! They will be held at the Mercury Cafe downtown Denver on Saturday, and the Dairy Center for the Arts on Sunday.


Carrie Hankins, a local doula, described it in this way:


BOLD asks every BOLD organizer to identify three key people locally, nationally or internationally who they think could help make maternity care mother-friendly in their community. The BOLD organizer then videotapes their event and sends that tape, along with supporting documents, to all three leaders. In some communities BOLD organizers will request a meeting with these leaders to tell them more about their birthing climate, in other cases BOLD organizers will simply plant the seeds for change by sending their video to these leaders. We have chosen our governer Bill Ritter, the head of obstetrics at Rose because they have the highest Cesarean rate in the area and the head of the midwifery grad program at CU.”


It’s seems like an amazing event and a worthy cause. I will be doing free henna and distributing my brochures and information. Please register here and come if you can! The event is free (except for the performance of Birth by Karen Brody).


Hope to see some of you there!

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